Fee-based, rather than commission based

Registered investment advisers are paid by the client, like one would pay a doctor, attorney, etc. Commission based financial advisers are paid by some company to sell products to the clients. Their company comes first, the client is second. With fee-based, the client comes first.

Avoiding conflicts of interest

The advantage of a fee-based registered investment adviser is that a problem rampant in the financial industry, conflict of interest, is avoided, as the registered investment adviser works solely for the client. When a financial advisor works for a stockbroker, and is paid by the stockbroker to sell products, for commission, conflicts of interest invariably arise. Avoid conflicts of interest by using a registered investment adviser.


Many clients tend to be women, which have some unique and distinct differences, goals, and needs than men. The brochure ‘Securing Your Financial Future’ was written with women in mind and is available upon request.

​Experience means a steady hand

I have been involved with investing and serving the needs of individual investors since 1970. I have seen all the market cycles, seen many different investor situations and circumstances. Investors tend to come to me because my experience lends a steady hand to achieving their investment goals. And by all means, with all the questions and doubts and problems confronting investors today, they are looking for a steady hand more than ever. 

Personal attention

I can offer personal attention which is not found elsewhere. There are no junior associates working on client accounts. All client accounts are handled one-on-one by Richard L. Evans, personally. On a regular basis, clients receive a personal letter addressing their specific situation in addition to as many face-to-face meetings as a client requests.

Further information regarding Richard L. Evans Investment Management, LLC is available in the firm’s SEC Form ADV and the Part 2 Brochure, found at the Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website at adviserinfo.sec.gov. Indeed, if you currently have a financial advisor who is not to be found on this SEC website, you probably should be thinking about getting a new one.

Registered Investment Adviser

Under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. What it means is that I have the fiduciary responsibility to represent only the interests of the client. In the financial industry, 99% of all financial advisers are salesmen, working for some company, to sell product to investors, whether that product is in the best interest of the client or not. A registered investment adviser has the fiduciary responsibility to only represent the best interests of the client. Only advice is offered, never a product.  Type your paragraph here.

Registered Investment Adviser

Richard L. Evans